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With a heart full of sorrow, I dedicate my poem to our lovely Ramina Badal. Although I never had the honor of knowing her personally, somehow by a magical power she touched my heart. Being a mother myself, my feelings were expressed in my poem through her mother's painful feelings. Ramina has touched the lives of all the people she came across. Your memory will be an everlasting one to all of us and to me in particular, because sadly you passed away on my birthday. Mr. & Mrs. Badal, Tania and her beloved family members, you will always be in my prayers. Walk the gates of heaven Ramina

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Tags: With  a  heart  full  of  sorrow,  I  dedicate  my  poem  to  our  lovely  Ramina  Badal.  Although  I  never  had  the  honor  of  knowing  he 


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