Sari Siroon Yar


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Sari Siroon Yar

Hazar nazov yar, hoveri hed yeg Dzaghig pncherov sarvori hed yeg Sev tseeoo vra, tser kyooghnem egel Toorut pag desel, molor mnatsel Sari siroon yar Sari mekhag per Akh, che inch mekhag Siro grag per Hazar mi dzaghgi mech es medzatsel Dzaghgants tsogherov mazerit tatsel Mazerit booyru hervits e galis Zepyooru beroom srdis e dalis Sari siroon yar ... Sarits e galis es arvi jooru Berooom e yar ko booyrn oo hampooyru Ashod, te garas, ko yerk oo hankov Yarit gakhartir, ko doon ka hantov Sari siroon yar...

Sweetheart of the Mountains

My love of a thousand graces, come with the winds With bunches of flowers, come with a mountain man I rode to your village on a black horse But saw your door was shut and was left feeling lost Sweetheart of the mountains Bring carnations from the mountains No, what carnations? Bring the fire of your love You’ve grown up amidst a thousand flowers Wet your hair with the dew from flower stems The scent of your hair comes from afar The breeze sends it my way and touches my heart Sweetheart of the mountains... The water in this stream comes from the mountains It brings, my love, your scent and kiss Ashod (troubadour’s name), if you can, with your song and rhyme Bewitch your love to come home through the fields Sweetheart of the mountains...

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